Race 3 Blockbuster upcoming movie Story has Leaked

The audience of Bollywood's famous movie 'Race 3' is eagerly waiting. According to sources, the story of the movie 'Race 3' has been leaked. The main characters of this movie are Salman Khan, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandes, Shakib Salim and Anil Kapoor. The work of directing this film has been done by Remo D'Souza. Race 3 Blockbuster upcoming movie Story has Leaked

Race 3 Blockbuster upcoming movie Story has Leaked

You all must have seen 'Race' and 'Race 2'. Actor Saif Ali Khan was the main character in the film. And the film 'Race 3' will also start with actor Saif Ali Khan. Whose name was Ranvir Singh in the previous two films. And they are killed in an early scene of this film by an unknown person. When this address seems to actor Anil Kapoor So he runs away with Saif Ali Khan's entire money. But due to any allegation, the police caught Anil Kapoor and put him in jail.

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Story Leaked

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Story Leaked

Saif Ali Khan is reborn in Abu Dhabi's millionaire family. And here the story of the film goes 30 years ahead. Actor Salman Khan is the character of this rebirth. Whose name is Rohan Sharma. And later on, he is known as Alexander. He is a partner in actor Salman Khan's company. And in the role of this partner, actor Bobby Deol will be seen. Bobby Deol from Ittefaq is also a rebirth of actor Akshaye Khanna. Akshay Khanna was seen in first part of 'Race'. Actors Salman Khan and Bobby Deol have no idea about their rebirth.

Cars Collection Of Race 3 Movie

This story comes forward in the future. Saif Ali Khan was killed by John Abraham. Who was seen in the role of Armaan Malik in 'Race 2'. And John Abraham was killed by Anil Kapoor. Who is currently in jail. Actor John Abraham also has a son. Shakib Salim will be seen in his role. Who wants to take revenge for his father's death from Anil Kapoor.

This story is told according to the story leaked to all the audience. How many truths are there in this story? It will be known only after the release of the movie 'Race 3'. What is your opinion about the cast of 'Race 3'? Of course, tell about it.

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